Adwords Terms and Conditions


123 Online Ltd is referred to as 123 Online, We, Us, Our

The Client is referred to as The Client, You, Your

Campaign is your overall Adwords advertising with 123 online. For the purposes of readability, this can comprise of a single campaign, or multiple campaigns.

Advertising term is the agreed advertising period that 123 Online will be managing your Adwords campaign.

Renewal date is the date which your advertising term ends.

Google click spend is the amount you pay to Google for the clicks your ads receive.

Campaign management fee is the amount you pay to 123 Online for managing your Adwords campaign.

Adwords package is your chosen monthly advertising investment in Adwords, which is detailed in your advertising campaign information.

Campaign Term

1. Your Adwords campaign will run for the advertising term set out in your Adwords campaign information.

2. During the advertising term, you may choose to pause your Adwords campaign. In this instance, your Ads will stop displaying and payments to Google for ad clicks will cease. Your monthly campaign management fee will still be payable to 123 Online each month of the agreed advertising term regardless of whether your campaign is running or paused.

3. Your renewal date is when your current advertising term ends. 2 weeks prior to this date, you must advise your digital account manager of your intention to either cease or renew your Adwords campaign.

4. Campaigns can be renewed for a minimum advertising term of 6 months.

5. Pausing your campaign will not change the scheduled renewal date. A decision on renewal will be required at this time regardless of any pauses that may have taken place over the advertising term.

6. You are unable to downgrade your Adwords package at any time during the advertising term.

7. You can upgrade to another Adwords package at any time during the advertising term. If you upgrade part way through a month, your 'pro-rata' amount for the remainder of the month will be calculated and added to the next month's invoice.

8. Your monthly Adwords package payments will begin from the 'go live' date, which is usually set around a month after the deposit is paid. Unless otherwise requested, if all the required setup is completed early, we will bring this date forward so we can start your Adwords campaign as soon as possible.

9. A month is defined as 30 days exactly. This is to ensure consistency across monthly reports.

Payment Terms

1. Your monthly Adwords package has two payment components:

  • Your monthly Google click spend, which you pay to Google via credit card or in advance by pre-paid direct credit. View Google's full payment terms here
  • Your campaign management fee, which is paid directly to 123 Online via direct debit or recurring monthly credit card payments.

2. If this payment is for any reason declined, your Adwords ads will be paused until payment is received.

3. All quoted prices are exclusive of GST.

4. You may choose to delay the launch of your campaign a maximum of two months from the date of your initial consultation with your digital account manager. At this time, your monthly campaign management fees will begin being charged, even if you choose to further delay the launch of your campaign.

5. If you decide not to launch the campaign, the total of all monthly campaign management fees for your agreed advertising term will be payable in a single invoice. 

6. You are bound by Google's terms and conditions here. If for any reason, Google puts a review on your account and pauses your activities, your payments to Google will stop, however our monthly management fee will remain as we endeavour to work with Google on your behalf to resolve any issues.

Base Campaign Setup

1. The base setup of your Adwords campaign covers the pre-campaign launch tasks. These include (where applicable): landing page creation and content loading, writing Google Ads, keyword selection, account creation, conversion tracking setup, keyword bid price selection and location targeting.

2. All best endeavours will be made to ensure the above aspects are setup in line with Adwords best practices. In the unlikely event of any campaign setup errors, these will be remedied as soon as they are picked up, however no financial compensation will be made to the client in these instances.

3. The base setup charge (as quoted) must be paid prior to your initial Adwords campaign consultation with your digital account manager. Payment for this component of the project may be made by bank transfer.

4. The base setup of Adwords relates to search network campaigns. Additional Google advertising services such as remarketing, display network advertising, and conversion rate optimisation my be done on request. A quote will be provided before any work is undertaken in these areas.

5. Our Adwords campaigns are set up for lead generation purposes. Product sales via Ecommerce are not within the scope of our Adwords service.

6. The layout of your landing page will be based on your selected landing page layout.

7. If 123 Online has built your website, the "look and feel" of the page will be based around the existing colours, fonts, and brand elements of your website.

8. Design revisions of the "look and feel" of the landing page are not included in the base setup. Revisions can be done on request at $100 per hour.

9. The content of your landing page will be written by our copywriters. The landing page copy will reflect the brief discussed in your initial Adwords campaign consultation.

10. The content will be loaded into the landing page by our team.

11. Upon completion of the landing page, an image of the page will be provided so you can view and approve the page content.

12. Any edits to this content must be provided within 2 working days of receiving the link to the page. If no edits are received from you, we will launch the campaign with the landing page as is.

13. You will not be able to edit your landing page using a content management system (CMS) at any time.

During the campaign

1. Google Adwords uses a dynamic auction model based on algorithms to decide "Ad Rank" (the position your ad shows up in the search results). As a result, we are not able to guarantee when and in what position your ads will display.

2. We will employ best practice techniques for Adwords campaign optimisation to contribute to the success of your campaign, however we will not be held liable for "guaranteed results" due to the many factors outside of our control e.g. keyword competition, client budget limitations, client's value proposition relative to competitors etc.

3. We will provide a monthly campaign performance report, based on the data collected directly from your Google Adwords account. This report will provide key metrics to aid in assessing campaign performance and return on investment. You can view a sample campaign performance report here.

4. We will endeavour to spend the full amount of your monthly Google budget, however sometimes due to factors outside of our control, this will not be possible (e.g. market conditions, low search volumes, etc). Where this is the case, the agreed monthly management fee still applies.

5. The return on investment (ROI) and turnover figures given in the report are based on the metrics/percentages that you gave us during your consultation, and are not exact. If you feel the metrics you gave us are wrong, these can be adjusted at any time.

6. We cannot track whether the leads we provide you with are actually converted into sales – we do not offer CRM capability and our reporting cannot link in with a CRM to provide you with exact ROI.

7. We represent a lot of industries, and a lot of clients within the same industry. It's a possibility that we may be representing your competitors. Each client's campaign will be optimised in its own right, to the best of our ability.

8. From time to time, some leads you receive may be spam, which are still counted as 'conversions'. We cannot 'take away' conversions that have already happened. Spam is an unfortunate reality of the internet. If this happens regularly we can put a 'captcha' device on your form, reducing the likelihood of spam.

9. Your digital account manager will be available during business hours to discuss campaign performance and any questions you may have. To ensure fairness across our accounts you have a maximum of 1 hour to communicate with your digital account manager each month included in your campaign management fee. Any additional time will be charged at $100 per hour.

10. On your final review meeting before the end of your advertising term, you will receive a campaign trend report. This report will show trends that have occurred over the course of the advertising term, and aid you in making an educated business decision around the renewal of your Adwords advertising.

11. We make every endeavor to use our online marketing strategies to generate positive ROI for your business. However advertising carries risk, and you fully indemnify us from any liability for business losses incurred from online marketing activities we undertake on your behalf. 

After the campaign

1. Upon the conclusion of your 123 Online-managed Adwords campaign, your Ads will be paused, and your landing page taken down.

2. If you choose to recommence your Adwords campaigns with 123 Online, the standard minimum advertising term of 6 months will apply. No additional setup fees will apply.

3. We accept renewal requests if approval is given over the phone. An email confirmation will be sent within an hour of the renewal request, outlining the new contract's dates and monthly commitments. If you decide to renege on this contract, we require this in writing within 24 hours of making this agreement.

4. The content and design of the landing page, as well as the strategy and structure of the Adwords account are the intellectual property of 123 Online.

5. If you choose to select another Adwords provider in the future, they will be given access to your account. Any changes to your Adwords account made while being managed by 123 Online will be deleted before the handover (including the landing page).

6. We require client metrics for each campaign for reporting purposes. These metrics will be kept confidential.

7. We collect sales lead conversion statistics and revenue estimations for all of our clients. We reserve the right to publish these figures however we see fit, but will seek permission before using your business name.