Image Gallery - $200

gallery.pngAn image gallery is a really easy way for you to manage a large number of images to display to your customers. If you’ve got projects or images that you need to showcase, this is for you!  This app is a versatile image gallery that looks great and is very easy to manage. You can have as many image galleries, with as many images as you’d like within your website.

Features include:

  • Define how many columns you’d like your images displayed in
  • Define the size of both the width and height of the thumbnails
  • Crop images to a specified height and width
  • Easy "drag and drop" sorting
  • Easy editing of titles and captions
  • Zoomable lightbox effect when images are clicked
  • Display titles under each image, and display captions in the lightbox

You can enable automatic cropping, which will mean your thumbnails will appear with a consistent width and height, even if your images are different proportions. When cropping is enabled, images are automatically cropped to the centre. The benefit of this is that you do not need to worry about choosing the crop area for each image. However, if you require specific cropping areas that are not centred (for example, you want the top-left of the image to be shown), this will not be possible.
The ‘title’ under each caption can be turned on or off. If it’s turned on, the text size will be 12 pt.  There will be a maxiumum of three lines of title text below the thumbnail in order for the gallery to function correctly.  The gap between the rows of the gallery is system generated and is unable to be changed.  You can however, create as much text as you'd like for your thumbnail captions (visible when the image is clicked, and the full sized image is displayed).

Free Bonus App

When you purchase the image gallery, you’ll also get zoom image for free! The Zoom Image app makes any image into a clickable link, that brings up the full-sized image in a lytebox. This means you don’t need to list your expandable images in a grid view – you can put them anywhere you like within the content areas, and have them expand on click. Combined with the gallery, this app gives you the flexibility to make your website very visually pleasing to the eye.

Zoom Image Example

Zoom Image Example

3x3 Square, Fade Zoom, Caption Outside Example

4x4 Landscape, Elastic Zoom, Caption Inside Example

List View Example, Large, Landscape