We get
AdWords working

Google AdWords is a powerful tool
to get your website in front of customers.
Adwords is:

  • Page 1 - The ads up the top and down the side of Google
  • Targeted - Reaches your customers when they need you
  • Instant - Drives immediate leads and sales

For AdWords to work, you need the right partner...
So why use 123 Online?

Affordable AdWords solutions

We develop AdWords strategies for small businesses without huge marketing budgets.


End-to-end approach

We're not just responsible for getting people to your website. We're accountable for what they do once they get there.


We measure what matters

It's more than just clicks. We measure the stuff you REALLY want to know about - phone calls, online enquiries and sales.


Proven track record

With over six years experience, our team of Google-qualified AdWords professionals has the expertise to deliver exactly what you need.

"For every $1
spent we got
$15 back."

Michele Clemens

Owner, Clementines Business Support

"I had a crack at trying to do AdWords myself, and the results were spectacular – spectacularly BAD.

After 18 months of trying we had almost no leads.
But from the moment 123online got involved, the business took off.

Within eight weeks we had…

310 website visits

17 online enquires

11 phone calls

10 new customers

$20,000 in new business

As an accounting and bookkeeping company we know all about return on investment, and believe me, that's an absolutely brilliant result."


It's simple.

You tell us about your business. We listen.
Then we develop a tailored AdWords campaign
to achieve your goals.

You've come this far. Get a free AdWords campaign quote now...

Or you can explore
more to find out
how we do it.

Your privacy is important to us.


First, we talk to you to get a real understanding of your business. What you do, and importantly, what you don't do. Then we create an AdWords campaign that ensures only the right people see your ads, and the right people click on them.

What we're after is highly targeted search traffic and an economical cost-per-click.



Getting a great return on investment with AdWords is all about what happens after people click. Did they take the desired action step, or hit the back button? We make sure that the page people arrive on is specifically written, designed and structured to convert your visitors into leads and sales.



We don't just track clicks, we track actions. By constantly measuring what people do on your page – every phone call, form submission, and every dollar you spend – we can accurately measure your return on investment. Then we package up all the information you need in an easy to understand report.



Trent McDiarmid

Strategy & optimisation


Juliette Jackson

Strategy & optimisation


Gavin Sinclair

Conversion specialist


Justin Lanigan

Campaign sales & strategy

Ongoing partnership

Once your campaign goes live, the analytical work starts. We begin adjusting your keywords and bid prices to ensure you're getting more leads and sales, and paying less for them.

How? By investing more in keywords that are generating you business, and less on the ones that aren't. We also have regular review meetings with you to discuss your campaign strategy and performance.


Generating a great return on investment with
AdWords is a real challenge for most small businesses.
But for you it's simple: just drop us a line.

Contact us on 0800 891 123
Your privacy is important to us.