Best Web Design Company Finalist 2012
Best Web Design Company Finalist 2011
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2007: Two blokes and a spare room

Like lots of growing Kiwi companies, our Web Design Company kicked off with two mates (Justin and John) who had a big idea, heaps of enthusiasm, and a spare room.

Our big idea was to think small

We knew that ninety percent of New Zealand businesses have ten staff or less - they're the life blood of our economy. But traditional advertising wasn't working for them any more. They needed to get online fast and start generating leads and sales without it costing a bundle. Our solution was to develop a process that made it easy, affordable, and not at all scary.

To find out how we do it, check out our easy process.

Seven years later

We've proved that small businesses don't need deep pockets to foot it online.

We've designed and developed websites for more than 1,600 small New Zealand businesses which are generating brilliant results for them.

We've invested heavily in our Website Company's technology, our process, and our talented team of project managers, graphic web designers, web developers, customer support staff and consultants.

And we've moved out of the spare room, into a much bigger space in one of Auckland's oldest post offices.

Let's talk

If you'd like to see how our Web Design Company can take your business to the next level, simply give us a call on 0800 891 123 or pop your details in the form here, and we'll be in touch fast!