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Logging in and General Orientation

Welcome the 123 Online video tutorial section for our ecommerce package. This guide will show you everything you need to know about managing your online store.

Your online shop has a front end, which your customers will see, and a back end, which you will use to load in and update your products, and edit your website's content. When you add products and make changes in the backend, your front end will be automatically updated.

We'll start by taking you through the basic orientation.

Firstly, to get to your backend, go to yourdomain, /dashboard. The exact website address will be on your welcome email once we've coded your website.

To login, enter your full email and password supplied to you in your welcome email, and press 'login'.

This is your main admin screen. Most of what you'll need to do is all under these five tabs.

We'll go over each of these tabs in a separate video, but overall, to setup products and categories, and everything related to products, just go to the catalogue tab.

The customers tab is a list of everyone who has ever bought through your online store, or setup an account.

The 'orders' tab covers all the orders that have been processed through your online shop.

The 'shipping' tab enable you to customise your shipping costs.

Your 'statistics' tab shows sales statistics that your online shop has processed.

At any time, you can click on the question mark icon at the top right of the page, and we'll show you the relevant support video.

For your convenience, we've also created a 'quick access' dropdown box. This is used for a commonly done tasks, or tasks not found under the five tabs. We'll get to these in detail in other videos.

In brief, 'Home' is to go to your admin's homepage, my shop (front end) is to go to your actual shop, and CMS is to edit your non-product page's content, 'contact us', to customise where your contact form emails go, 'new category' and 'new product' to add categories and products, 'newsletter list' to export your list of customers to a spreadsheet, shop details is where you enter your shop's information, batch loading where you bulk import your products from a spreadsheet, Page SEO to add metadata to your homepage for search engine optimisation, and vouchers and discounts where you can set up vouchers to operate in your shop.

If you'd like to search your products, customers, orders, invoices or products that customers have put in their shopping carts, you can use the search feature.

When you're done updating your online shop, for security reasons be sure to log out by pressing the log out button at the top right.

This concludes the general orientation video. We'll now cover these and other tasks in more detail in a series of separate videos.